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Minneapolis, MN


Love biking in a skirt but don't want to wonder what kind of show you're giving the public?  Worry no more.  I've biked for a year with this skirt and I can say without hesitation it does not fly up and it does not ride up.  Because it's cut in a full circle there's always plenty of fabric between your legs.  The added bonus is the folded down yoga waistband - it's so long you can unfold it slightly and hitch the whole skirt down closer to your knees.  When the waistband is pulled down more towards your hip area, the entire garment stays with your body when you get on and off the bike saddle.  The double added bonus is we had a lot of leftover fabric from the circle cut, so we made a matching hip pack.  It's perfect when all you want to carry is your essentials, like a phone, keys, an ID, etc.  The hip pack is not rigid so it stays close to your body.