My name is Ellie, and I've been a year-round bike commuter for over 25 years

Have you ever wanted to bike to an event, or to meet friends, or go to work, but the clothes that are right for the occasion don't work well on a bike?


Me too!  I started Bikarelly because I was tired of having to choose between clothes that worked well while biking but were too athletic for the place I was going, or clothes that were appropriate for the destination but were too constricting, too hot, too cold, waved around too close to the chain or brake mechanism, etc. etc. etc.  I watched as apparel companies approached commuter-friendly clothes for men but left women out any sort of business plan.  And believe me, I called and asked when I could expect good clothes that I could ride in.  The response was “Women’s clothes are too hard”.  Hmmph.  So it’s too hard to ask around, to listen, or to even think briefly about what would make a clothing item more bike friendly.  

My clothes are not high fashion, but basic items that are well thought out.  They contain a few smart details that make them easy to ride in, but look great once you’re off the bike.

If you have ideas, needs, concerns, animosities, or anything else about making your commute easier, please contact me.  I would love your input!