our Story

Given today's realities, commuting by bike is just plain smart.  For too many years, though, it seemed impossible to find clothes that hit the sweet spot between ridability and good looks.  Bikarelly is here to change that!  I have been bike commuter for over 30 years.  I got tired of looking like a lycra jockey once I was off my biked, and finding a place to duck in to change was often awkward or impractical. I’ve seen a few corporate brands try to introduce commuter apparel for men, but I thought they still looked quite bikey. And when I asked them when they were going to roll out a line for women commuters, they’d say something like “Women are too hard.” Hmph.

I’m not here to simply put reflective tape on a pocket and say it’s bike friendly - for me it’s all about the real ways to make biking commuting easy and comfortable. Bikarelly apparel combines smart looks with smart features to make your ride easy and your transition into workplace or recreation seamless.