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A recent Google image search of bike commuters yielded a typical array of men and women on bikes, either one wearing anything from suits to cycle jerseys.  Nothing too remarkable about many of them, until I spied a photo of a woman trying to bike and keep her skirt from riding up too far.  Interestingly the link was from the Idaho Statesman.  It was a feature encouraging employers to support their workers’ commutes by bike.  I’m assuming they didn’t dispatch a photographer to snap a quick shot of someone biking, opting instead to use a stock image.  But out of all the images they could have used, why choose - for a lead-in photo - a shot of a woman looking uncomfortable?  Perhaps someone thought showing a little thigh would catch people’s attention?  Another image further down the page was of the telltale wear marks on the backside of a couple pair of jeans.  Anyone who bikes much knows the woes of seeing the butt of your favorite pants wear out.  And why do they wear out?  Because it can be hard to find the perfect pair of pants that ride just right - good amount of pockets, fuller in the thighs, not a lot of gaping at the waist.  So you beat that one great pair to death.

I’ve talked to a lot of women bike commuters about the clothes they wear, and the only consensus is that people are still looking for the right solution.  Brand X for some reason only has faux pockets, Brand Y is too expensive, Brand Z doesn’t fit right.

I’ve commuted by bike for many years, never stopping really from the days when my mom would send me to the store to buy some milk.  I’ve really been frustrated with trying to mix what I need to ride the bike comfortably (movement, warmth) with how I want to look when I arrive at my destination (you don’t always want to look bikey, and you can’t always find a place to quickly change).  So I decided to take things into my own hands.  Introducing Bikarelly - designer Carol and biker Ellie.  Together we’re making street clothes that look great and ride great.  

Being a small start up, we’d love to hear what you’re looking for in clothes. 

Meanwhile, stay tuned for our roll out this fall!  We've got a great pair of commuter pants - lots of pocket space, an inseam that doesn't hit you in the wrong spot, and plenty of room for your muscly thighs.  Also in production are two great skirts! 

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